Call for Submissions

Current theme: Fantasy/Magepunk

Most of us will probably think of the Hero’s Journey when we hear fantasy fiction. Of course, those submissions will be welcome, but we want to see how far our authors can push those genre boundaries.

Think outside the box…

Rhetoric Askew is open for submissions of poetry, fiction (less than 5,000 words), and original artwork.

Non-fiction articles, essays, and other content including word counts larger than 5,000 will also be considered for publication on a case-by-case basis. For information on how to Query Us, please visit the FAQs page here.

We will do our best to respond within 30(ish) days of the call’s END. We try to leave no author or artist behind and make every effort to find a home in the Rhetoric Askew world for your unique talent.

(Disclaimer: artificial intelligence submission bots will be left behind. Should an artificial intelligence wish to submit a work then it should be in proper English. 😊 Our editors reserve the right to refuse to publish any material or author for any reason, but we really prefer to publish so remember to keep it classy.)

No monetary compensation will be provided for anthology submissions, but with enough support, we do hope to change that in the near future.

Send submissions

INCLUDE your name, title, type of content and word count in the subject line. Example: John Doe: Non-Fiction, 4,500 words.

INCLUDE the phrase “I am Askew” in the body of the email or the submission will be deleted unread.

Send content as attachments in standard manuscript format.

Manuscript Format

If you find formatting an issue, please use the contact us form and the Creative Development department will be happy to help.

INCLUDE your headshot and author bio with your submission or it will be deleted unread.

AND PLEASE (if you are a member of Duotrope) REMEMBER TO

Report to Duotrope here

We look forward to enjoying your work.

Happy writing,

Team Askew