Free ebooks? Yes, please!

Anthology Askew Series

Ebook Giveaway!

At Rhetaskew–the publishing arm of Rhetoric Askew–we love all of our anthology contributors. To show the world just how much, we have decided to give everyone a gift.



AA series

For one day only, Valentine’s Day, we will be giving away free digital copies of ALL FIVE of the Anthology Askew ebooks.



Get yours, today! Click here!



This giveaway promotion will be on Wednesday, February 14th.

We have now published over 100 authors and poets in these amazing anthologies, many of whom have appeared in our pages for the first time ever. We are proud to have been the debut platform on their publishing journey, and all of you are why we do what we do.

I encourage all of you to not only download a free copy of these five anthologies, but to spread the word far and wide – and together, we can make these volumes rise to the number one spot in their subgenre [Anthologies / Mashups] for downloads. The exposure this will generate for all of you will be beneficial as we move forward into paid Anthology opportunities.

Help us take this exciting new step in the journey – and together we will remain Askew and Strong!





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