Rhetoric Askew #postaday Challenge

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

We like to have fun and let our Askew sides show at Rhetoric Askew on Facebook, so we challenged our writers to have fun and…

Write about Dominant


Mandy Melanson –

Weak first attempt (will edit and put into meter & form later )

Dominance is in vain
never cause another pain
simply for personal gain

We all want to succeed?
How far will you go to reach
the plateau which you seek?

Success is not what it seems
when to rise, you must demean
those who stood beside your dreams.

Dreaming is for one and all.
Stifle those around you and fall
from grace by default.

Fault and blame should rest in peace,
put behind us as we reach
the success we all seek.


Rob Easton –

I stared at my hands, unable to recall which one to use. The pen lay untouched on the desk in front of me. I wanted to amend my will, I had to sign the new document with my lawyer’s changes, but paralysis gripped me. Which hand? I could not recall, could not bring myself to hold the pen in either hand and seek familiarity, could not believe that the disease had progressed so far.

She looked at me with patience, and I tried my best not to look upset, to show my mental incompetence. “Could you walk me through it again? I just want to be sure.” She nodded and began speaking, as I opened and closed my hands, trying to figure which was dominant.


Eric Keizer –

Dr. Melanson sighed as she looked up from her microscope. Humming florescent lights droned above the laboratory’s workstations. She turned to look at me, her face twisting into a scowl. “I’m not sure what the data is telling us, Bill. The vaccine should have eliminated the dominant genes, but it seems as though the virus is only growing stronger.”
I shifted my weight on the cold, steel examination table. I couldn’t find any comfortable position with the lesions covering my skin. “What does that mean, in layman’s terms, please?”

“Basically, it means that we’re no closer to a solution for you, Bill. It looks like we’re going to need more samples, more viable tissue, and above all, more time.”

“Dr. Melanson, time is the only thing of which I’m in short supply.”


Lorah Jaiyn –

We’d been living together for about six months when the conversation started over a bottle of wine – that I bought, of course. At first, it was an innocent curiosity on my part, an initiation of sorts into the dark and taboo world of BDSM. I never knew that it involved more than just games in the bedroom. He patiently explained the entire life style, and his expectations. I couldn’t help but raise my brow when he finished. “You want to be my Dominant? Really?”

“That’s right, sweetheart. You want to run with the big dogs, you need to know your place.”

I giggled. “So I would be your submissive? And have to do as I’m told?” That elicited another snort of humor.

“Look at it as a way for you to unwind, to not be in control anymore. You can relax and let me carry the load.”

“You think that would make my life easier?”

He nodded. “You’re always stressed out. As your Master, I would take the responsibility of taking care of you, so you didn’t have to wear the burden for a bit.” He explained about keeping my eyes cast at the floor, dressing as commanded, and proper titles and phrases I’d be required to use.

My temper rose as I realized he was serious. “You know something, Sir…” I paused so the sarcasm sunk into the word, “…if you want to be my Dominant, you better make damn sure you have control of your own life.”

His face turned red. “Excuse me?”

“I’ve supported you since you moved in. That makes me…” finger point at my chest, “…your…” finger point to his chest, “…sugar mama, sweetheart. That puts the Domme boots on my feet. If I’m supposed to depend on you to take care of me, you best be capable of taking care of yourself first.” I finished the wine as the slamming door echoed around the apartment. I winked at the dog. “I do believe I failed the test.”


Samantha Beardon –

He dominates her thoughts
Desperate for love, she gets taken in
Her need stops her checking the words on the tin

Married and unhappy, feeling cheated of love
Looking for her white knight, to love her no bluff
She talks on the Internet, to the men that she meets
If they are responsive, her hopes are increased
Her heart beats faster when their texts she receives
She develops a friendship, hoping for more
Searching for somebody to adore, adore
Cybersex is mentioned she’s reluctant to try
But words like sweetie, my love, darling she cannot deny
He dominates her thought manipulates her mind
He is a predator of the worst kind
With the promise of love, to Skype, she agrees
She’s in love with this figment, to a thousand degrees
They make plans to meet, and it cannot be
He is so sorry, he has to set her free
Her heart is broken she can’t eat or sleep
Never again will she get involved it’s cheap
Six weeks later, a new friend she meets
Taking it easy, she wants love, not repeats
Desperate for love she gets taken in
Her need stops her checking the words on the tin

Samantha Beardon©




1 Comment

    There is a difference between the individual who leads and the individual who wishes to be top dog. I learned my lesson the hard way and I had an excellent teacher. His name was Terris Nequall: tall, broad chested and beautiful. It was the first time I realised that a man could be beautiful. He didn’t walk, he strode everywhere he went. When he spoke, he commanded the room and you believed his every word. I don’t know if it was the way his voice sang to you or the way his blue pierced your brain. In the end it did matter. We followed him. We marched for him and I slept with him.
    The first time came after a rally in Minis. He promised programs to improve the economy and programs to built a barrier around our world. “We don’t need those damnable off-worlders infecting our values, destroying our work ethic!” He went on an on, and I stood in awe. At the end, as we walked off the stage, he whirled, grabbed me and kissed. Hard. His tongue went down my throat, tickled my teeth. For a second I froze and then I let him have his way, He didn’t care who watched and I ashamed to say, neither did I.
    We attended a party with donors that night, The drinks flowed as did promises of cash, For the first time, he promised the wrong sorts of people would be cleansed from our cities, The crowd cheered, Exhausted, at midnight I told him I was going to my hotel room. He smiled and said, “No. Your. Not.” He didn’t threaten or raise his voice. He. Commanded, And I complied. Later he pulled me into a room and kissed me again, whispered in my ear, “Do you support me?”
    My arms wrapped around his neck and I smiled then said, “Of Course, I do,  Kalesta for Kalestians, You’ll take us to a great future,”
    He grinned and whispered,”Good girl.”
    His hand slid up my dress, his thumb hooked into the edge of my undies and pulled then down, I remember thinking not here but he was already hard, Before I could think, his fingers were inside of me and then I spasmed around his fingers drawing him even further, My brain went to mush, I had never felt like that, not ever. My heart raced, my breath became ragged and then the world imploded. Before I could think, he turned me around and took me. Hard and for what seemed like forever,
    When it was over he patted my bottom and said,”Your good,”
    I just nodded.
    Over the next months, we travelled three continents fought several scandals and I watched his charm mesmerise the world. I began noticing other things as well. You didn’t disagree with Terris, I watched in horror when a reporter questioned the meaning of ethnic cleansing. Terris exploded and called the man a traitor. He was ushered out and the next day was found beaten into a coma. A ‘Kalesta for Kalestians,’ flag was found draped over him. A few weeks later, Terris whispered in the ear of a new bodyguard, A woman had questioned his economic plan. The bodyguard marched into the crowd, smacked her and then ejected her from the rally. And on it went, Discussions and debate ended. But the people loved him and his words remained silk
    Our nights  became hell at least for me. Love making went the same way as discussion. There was no asking, there was only taking and degrading. But his words were silk and I stayed, Until. eight months to the day of that first rally, I watched Terris pull out a revolver and shoot a protester between the eyes, No one, not a single person did a thing. My stomach flipped, my heart thudded so hard inside my chest I thought it would explode, Terris and his followers moved away and I stood there. I’m not sure how long I stared at the body. Long enough that the police arrived, questioned me and a few others and then left,
    Clouds rolled in over that city, a wind kicked up and I tasted brine from the sea, Lightening flashed across an ever darkening sky. And I just. Stood. There. Fat hard drops of rain pelted the city, bit into my skin. The temperature plummeted. I shivered as the rain fell harder. Soaked, buffeted by winds, the shivers. Then it dawned on me, I wasn’t shivering from wet and cold but from stupidity,
    Terris wouldn’t be back to the hotel until ten that night, I ignored multiple calls as I walked back to the place. Once there I called on the hotel’s system and lied to him. I told him I would meet him at dinner after I ran some figures for the campaign, After, I took a shower dressed, packed clothes that I bought and left.
    Terris never knew where I lived originally but it didn’t matter. I headed for a bank, closed my accounts and then literally picked a dot on a map and scheduled the flight, I landed at my new destination and walked off the flight into a welcome home party. The crowd held up signs and clapped when the honoree walked off behind me, H e was nothing much. The only thing he had in common with Terris was height, When he walked past, I thought; how can a man be so skinny? He did have good hair, thick wavy. He walked slightly hunched as if he was ashamed of his height, Made me want to smack him between the shoulder blades and tell him to straighten up. I didn’t.
       I grabbed a taxi to a hotel. When the driver asked which one, I said. “One where I want get robbed, stabbed, assaulted or have to deal wit revellers,”
    He took me to a mid range place, nothing fancy but it was alright. I was sick to death of fancy, The driver chose well. The room was clean and it was blissfully quiet. Room service brought me a salad and tea. An hour later I was sound asleep. I stayed that way for what seemed like days, It wasn’t but it was blissful. A week later, I found an apartment overlooking the Liesel River,
    Life started again, My job was far less fancy than travelling around with a campaign but it was peaceful and my salary was decent enough for a few nice things. It felt good to be in control of my destiny again, That last six months, Then we had elections. I stood in front of the TV monitor. That cold, smarmy smile flipped my stomach, This world had no idea what they had unleashed,
    Three months after the election the camps started. They began by stripping the professional credentials from every Venisian. Any Venisian who refused to self-deport was then hunted down and sent to a camp. Then came the desenters. His followers cheered, the news praised him and the resistance began. I woke one morning to find a paper shoved under my door. There on a poster was the man from the airport, Turned out his name was Colton Alzend.  I don’t know why, but I went,
    I expected glitz. I found a grey, dark basement filled with an after-work crowd of all shapes sizes and races. A subdued, angry murmur rippled through the crowd. A few talked of assassination. At least two wanted to know where the pizza was hidden, Their friends laughed, It was really more of a nervous twitter but it broke the tension.
    The man named Colton stood up and faced the crowd. There was no syrupy language, no honey tipped words. There was a man who asked one question. “Are you willing to die to save your neighbour and our world?” He spoke for an hour and then asked for suggestions. Two hours later I realised I had witnessed the birth of a resistance and a leader.
    That brings me back to dominant. It means many things. A dominant dog, a dominant hand, a dominant man all have one thing in common. They run the show at any cost. A leader listens, takes advice and plans. A leader encourages and a leader takes responsibility, Colton Alzend was such a man. In a month he set up a network that spread around the world. In six months Terris had a reward out for his head. A resistance cell took down the satellites. Terris rounded up citizens and executed them.
    Colton spread the idea of freedom block by block. He reminded people of the contributions of all of our planet’s citizens. He never lost his temper, he simply planned, A resistance cell disrupted the communications network. A cell crept up to a camp and one by one sent its inhabitants to freedom. Slowly the resistance grew and Terris lost followers. Attempts to send the military was met with enough force to send them packing, Eighteen months later Terris and his regime fell. When a call went up to execute him Colton Alzend rose up and said no. Terris and his subordinates were tried and imprisoned. I watched him blame everyone — except himself.
    A true government was re-established and Colton Alzend disappeared from view, Years later I discovered He’d returned to his family and his farm. That’s another thing that makes a true leader. They usually rise up from the most obscure places.


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