Weekend Poetry Challenge 01/06/2018


Here are the two winners of this weekend’s classical challenge: the Monchielle.

We have two winners from an outstanding group of entries.

Power Language

Power derives from words
Meaning then from knowledge
Thought required to say
What you mean truthfully
On any given day

Power derives from words
Hijacked they cause much harm
Digging deep into flesh
Tearing one’s heart from soul
Like wheat caught in the thresh

Power derives from words
Whole countries overthrown
Refusal to believe
The language that they speak
No quarter or reprieve

Power derives from words
Hunger for their release
There’s no oblivion
When they’re finally penned
Strongest motivation
(c) 2018 Miriam Ruff

Be The Light

Be the light of the world
Make every dark place ablaze
Your presence be with bliss
Your arms a home sweet home
Be kind loving don’t diss

Be the light of the world
Fight for making a change
Be a fountain of hope
Sing success to losers
Give zeal for hearts to lope

Be the light of the world
Replace sadness with joy
Heal don’t cause disease
Sooth when despair strike
Make people feel at ease

Be the light of the world
Battle only to see peace
Be caring don’t break souls
Make your heart a refuge
Help many to reach their goals

By H D Mleya© 2018

Here is the winner of the Free verse challenge…

Prize Hunt
The arrow struck
Straight and true
Broke through skin
Sinew and bone exposed
Blood gushed
Like a faucet opened
The hunter gathered
Broken body
Plume of feathers
As good as new
Still pure
Still white
Behold, on a pedestal
Fair price
Great bargain
The best money can buy
No more arrows
Only needles
Hundreds, thousands
Piercing, stinging
Opening up wounds
No bandage can heal
© 2018 MariaZach
All Rights Reserved 

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