Dave Alexander

Dave is the Creative Development Coach, Concept Engineer, and Co-founder of Rhetoric Askew. Tired of fighting the uphill battle most authors and artists face, he wanted to make a difference in the writing community. That defining moment was not long before he met Mandy and Dusty. They found that they shared a disdain for the way authors are often looked at by the non-writing community not to mention the way authors stories are treated within the writing community. They embarked on a mission to change the world of creative writing and Rhetoric Askew was born. Says Dave “I’ve had I don’t know how many jobs and false starts at careers, but writing has always been there. What makes me frustrated is the lack of support I’ve had for it. It’s amazing what a little support will do. I promise.” Dave’s promise is that “no one will be left unpublished” if they commit to becoming an Author Askew.

You can find Dave at http://unholy1.com



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