Monday Morning Mashup

Monday morning is a terrible thing. At Rhetoric Askew on Facebook, we combat the Monday blues with… What else? Writing.

We challenged our members to create a genre blend based on an image prompt and not only did they have to knock our socks off, they had to do it 500 words or less.

Here are our weekly winners:

Steven Rawlings-

Staring at the village before him Saethir, clad in white, folds his arms. ” So be it, the Storm cometh.” He utters under his breath. With a twist of his hand and words in a language few could understand he watched the town below.

Soon clouds had gathered on the previously clear day, the sky darkened as thunder rolled and lightning flashed. He smiled an almost evil smile. The village below had wronged him, they had not heeded his words, and they would pay. The storm continued to build, the villagers below running to their houses, but they would not be safe there.

Saethir’s chanting grew louder, his motions angrier, the storm spreading. It began to twist and swirl, the clouds descending as a funnel onto the edge of the village. The first houses crumbled, the screams of the dying lost on hellish winds.

With a sweep of his hand, the tornado moved, back and forth, Saethir’s movements like that of a conductor as his creation twisted and turned. A frown crossed his features as the storm dissipated, the spells magic spent. “That will have to do.” He mutters as he strides away from what is left of Kunzarar.



Steven is a part-time artist, full-time nerd. He writes whatever comes to mind, but predominantly sci-fi and action adventure. Never far from a story, either reading or writing, he creates stories that he would like to read himself. A shaper of worlds, he likes to delve into the unknown and theorize about wild frontiers and uncertain futures. You can connect with him at


Stacy Overby-

Storm winds call

When angels fall
As daylight fades
In golden shades.

With darkening skies
The Dragon flies
No saving grace
In a downturned face.

The Earth in flames
The Dragon claims
We’re left to weep
Our sins to keep.

We must pray
For the day
When angels rise
Reclaim the skies



Stacy Overby is a regular columnist at  Her work has been featured in several anthologies and in issues of OWS Inked, an up and coming literary journal.  She is a substance abuse counselor for teenage boys by day and as an author by night.  Her day job provides inspiration for many her stories.  When not at work or writing, she is playing with her son, hiking, camping, or involved in other outdoor activities – if it is not too cold.  She, along with her social media contacts, can be found at



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