Monday Morning Mashup

MoNdAy’S are the worst! At RA we love to fight the beginning of the week blues, so we challenge our members to the Monday Morning Mashup.

The featured image inspired some pretty great, if slightly askew, results.

Samantha Beardon

“The first day of the rest of our lives, we have escaped our demons. Oh, darling, I didn’t think this day would ever come.” May hugs her lover Hugh as they alight from their taxi outside the hotel in Paris.
“I know darling, we are going to have an amazing time. Let’s get to the hotel and get started on our honeymoon without the wedding!”
“What an idyllic spot Hugh, a step from the river Seine, the Notre Dame in view, such a romantic setting.”
The porter steps, and picks up the cases, leading the way through the marble and gilt foyer to the reception desk. He places the cases on the floor, nods at the couple and walks back to the front door.
Hugh and May walk to the desk and the receptionist said, “ Good afternoon and welcome to the hotel, could I take your name? “
“Hugh Winters.”
“Yes sir, a three-night stay, if you could fill in your details on this form and sign the bottom.”
“Your room is on the fourth floor sir, here are the keys, the porter will bring your luggage up shortly.”
Hugh picks up the keys and wrapping his arm around May, they stroll to the lift. On reaching the room Hugh unlocks the door. “Just stay there May, give me your bag.” He disappears into the room, then reappears, grabs May around the waist and hoists her over his shoulder. He staggers through the door and kicks it shut, then deposits a giggling May on the bed.
“ Idiot, don’t do your back in!” she splutters. “Oh look Hugh we have a balcony with a glimpse of the River and the Notre Dame. Look you can even see the gargoyles on the tower.”
“Our honeymoon has started. Yes, how fabulous, let’s go out and get a clearer look, you first I will come behind you. “
“Oh Hugh it’s so beautiful, thank you for bringing me here. What are you doing?”
“Just picking you up, so I can cuddle every part of you, my lovely lady.”
“Mmmm I just so love you. Gosh, I thought I saw that gargoyle flex its wings!”
“Now that would be a miracle. Turn your head and kiss me, darling.”

As May turns her head, Hugh gives a mighty heave with his arms and May flies over the balcony.

She screams, somersaulting as she falls into the street below, laying spread-eagled on the cobbles of the side yard
“The first day of the rest of our lives,” he mutters as he turns and leaves the bedroom carrying May’s bag. He carefully makes his way down the back stairs and exits the hotel by the side door, hurrying into the crowd.



Samantha is a Writer and Silk Painter in England, United Kingdom. Loves to read History, historical novels, fantasy and some romance. Doing a fine arts course. Paints silk mostly wearable art. Loves games particularly Scrabble and word games, plays at every opportunity online and at home. Interested in relationships and what makes people who they are in general. First novel Converging Lives, first poetry book Caught in Passion.

Web site which showcases poetry, relationship issues, and progress with the novel.


Kelly Clendenning


I sat there in disfigured form, encased in stone
My lover, my soul mate sat before me
Out of reach thanks to the cursed witch
A curse in which there is no cure
We watch the world turn from past to future

Years pass and we are unknown
Lost in legend and time
Witches fly hovercrafts now versus broomsticks
The same witch lives and taunts us still
Her cackle makes me wish I could claw her eyes out

My lover is silent as am I
Unable to sleep and only to dream
A young man comes by sometimes
Talks to us as if we are real
We are real of course
He is the only one who treats us as such

One day my lover and I sat on our silent perch
The young man comes again bearing a stone
A sword strapped to his back, I notice he is now old
His sword is glowing full and metallic
He swears he knows who we are now
He swears he will free us from the witches curse

My heart soars, can it be true?
I see the battle then
The witches magic against the man’s blast gun
Can man really beat nature?
And after many fierce blows, he finally wins
And I feel my heart beat again

Stone crackles and creaks
I feel my body turn to soft flesh
My lover before me morphs and grows
And we finally, finally touch
After two thousand years, we are born again
From past to future
Our hearts now soaring with the wind


Head shot

Kelly is a mother of a feisty two-year-old and married to a wonderful gamer husband. She has a business blog about compassionate leadership at She writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in her spare time.


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