Immortal Pages

Flash Fiction Prompt:

He found the journal on the train. It was tan and leather-bound. It showed signs of aging in it’s cracked and worn surface. He opened the first page and it simply said, “My story. My life. My curse and my blessings”.

He sat down to read. It was about the story of a woman from her childhood on. Abuse, addiction, redemption, and blessings filled each page of the delicate curved letters.

“I no longer need to feel that I am strong,” he read, “Only accept it. I survived more than most. More than this world will ever know. Survival alone is a testament to my strength and my willingness to view the world in light rather than darkness.”

He wiped a tear from his eye, surprised at his own emotional connection. He looked up hours later and realized he had missed his stop an hour ago. He didn’t regret it. He looked around to see if the women that the journal belonged to was around.

Reading the last page, he smiled to himself for it read, “If you find this journal, leave it for someone else. Let my life continue on immortalized in these pages. I can only pray that it means something to someone one day. That they too can find their own inner strength.”

The man rested his back against the seat and closed his eyes, saying a silent prayer of blessing for this woman, wherever she may be. He then took out a pen and a piece of paper from his bag and begin, “My story. My life. My curse and my blessings”.



Kelly is a mother of a feisty two-year-old and married to a wonderful gamer husband. She has a business blog about compassionate leadership at She writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in her spare time.


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