War is Humanities Way of Survival – guest post by Tony Kohler 

(The one exception to the Golden Rule)

Now that you have returned from your laughing place and re-entered the present society of chaos we can continue. Believe it or not, humans actually do have a code to avoid chaos; however, it is as if there is a need to seek chaos and destruction.

In the Christian belief system, the Golden rule is described in Mathew 7:12. “All things therefore, as many as you might desire that men should do to you, so also you do to them, for this is the law and the prophets.”

Islamic belief system text, also talks about the Golden Rule. “Serve God, and join not any partners with Him; and do good – to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbors who are near, neighbors who are strangers, the companion by your side, the wayfarer, and what your right hands possess: For God loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious” (Q:4:36)

Hinduism, one of the oldest recorded belief systems, dating back to 3200 BCE, also covers this rule, stating, “One should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated.”

All throughout AMH’s history the act of kindness to your neighbor has been taught and yet they seek out reasons for war.

War is defined as a state of armed conflict between nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. With the exception of the Cold War in the 80’s, war has left hundreds of thousands, dead. When did, this concept begin? Is it more than the simple build-up of humanity coveting to the point of envy?
Humanity goes through stages when it comes to other humans. The first stage is when one first meets someone else. It is at this stage they are acquaintances and more often than not will give the other the benefit of the doubt. It is called the Acquaintance Stage.

The second stage of humanity relations occurs after a period of time that these two have been together. It is at this point they will find certain aspects of each other that will annoy each other. This stage is called the Annoyance Stage.

This brings us to the next stage of humanity relations. In this stage, if these humans are unable to get past the little things that annoy them, it will fester into anger. Thus, we have the Anger Stage. It is in this stage where war settles in and calls it home.

The fourth stage is when, if they are still standing, can begin to heal and accept each other’s faults. It is called the Acceptance Stage.

The final stage, is the most important and the most sought out stage between humans. It is the Friendship Stage. Unless humans have faced and survived the previous stages, true friendship will elude them. Oddly enough, this is where you will find humans that are willing to go to war for each other.

War is necessary for humanity to survive, much like coveting? Without the concept of war…well allow me to explain.

Time for some more history here, since humanity and the planet is in a continuous cycle. Except this time, we are going back even further than before, before the great dying 2oo million years ago, before the Devonian period, even before the Ordovician period, some 440 million years ago. There amongst the primordial soup, were masses of primitive germ cells that fed off of the nutrients that was suspended all around them.

In one fraction of a spark of time, there was one single cell organism that got tired of feeding off of nutrients. It turned to a cell that was floating next to it, and thought, “I’m tired of this, I am going to eat you.” Seeing this, two other germs cells had another brilliant idea. “If we get together, that cell cannot eat us.” The dawn of war begins.

Moving forward, during the rise of AMHs, a mere 1 million years ago, to 12 thousand years ago, there were actually quite a few different humanoid species that existed. There was not one type of caveman. Actually, there is bone evidence that there were approximately 9 different species of humans. Homo Rudolfenis, Homo Habilis, Homo Naledi, Homo Heidelbergensis, Denisovan, Neanderthal, Homo Floresiensis, and lastly, Homo Sapiens (Which eventually evolved to Homo sapiens sapiens (AMH).

Can you see Charles Darwin rolling over in his grave?

So, what happened to everyone else? If we look to modern day we can have a good guess as to what happened all those years ago. AMH require elbow room and has sought out ways to remove obstacles in order to meet those needs. They tend to have very little tolerability for different views. This begins to be evident during the global expansion of the great European empires. On the island of Guam, the Spaniards pushed their belief system onto the Chamorro population which sparked an onslaught that nearly wiped out the native population.

If you look at the Aborigines that were pushed out away from the coastline, as the British were dropping off their criminals. Disregarding the native population, they generated a penal colony that would grow and develop into a country of their own, Australia. We cannot forget the Native Americans that were absorbed and nearly push to extinction themselves. All so that the new country can expand with their own beliefs that they knew what was best.

Looking at these examples it would be safe to understand that the populations of the other eight species that existed during the early periods of humanity, that they were pushed to extinction. It could have been a matter of natural selection or quite possibly they were wiped to extinction through wars, due to Homo sapiens sapiens coveting the land and the resources that it provided. The only thing we can be sure of is that they were the only ones standing to inherit the Earth.

I know there are a lot of people that now recognize these example as dark moments in humanity; however, this is happening even today. There are cartels extending their reach and gangs muscling out other gangs in order to expand their territories. Countries are being created as others are being annexed. Randall McNally cannot keep up with the ever changing borders. Since 1990 there have been 34 new countries created. Some were due to countries failing and falling apart, while others sought out their own independence.

Getting off track here, we are talking how war has been a part of life since the first germ cells fought to survive. I mentioned earlier that we need more than defenses to survive; however, it is because defenses have been winning throughout time, that humanity even exists today. According to military concepts “The best defense is a good offense.” This very idea contradicts the lessons that humans were are taught as children, throughout time. But a good offense has kept humanity in check.

To prevent being negative, I am going to talk about the positives when talking about war being embedded as a part of humanity. One of the largest positive outcomes due to war, is population control. I know some of you had your jaw drop, I can hear the gasping now. Trust me when I say this and I’m not being heartless, so give me a minute to explain.

Let’s go back only a mere thousand years ago, to the Crusades. Grouping the three wars together that stretched a span of two hundred years, there were an estimated 1.7 million deaths. Now let’s presume if you will that the Muslim belief system and the Christianity belief system actually got along, and these wars never occurred. It is 1292 and the world’s population is now 1.7 million larger.

Humanity produces a new generation approximately every 25 years. If we take the average family has 2.5 kids and use this factoring in the 1.7 million of people that were not killed during the Crusades that did not happen. And, we need to suspend that the world has continuously been at war. Europe and Asia Minor would have an estimated 3 billion more citizens. Now keep in mind, the current world’s population is currently only 7.4 billion.

Wait for it… purple brain dust everywhere.

This world cannot support a population of over 10 billion humans. Famine would be rampant and the drive for food and space, humanity would begin competitive exclusion in order to survive. Talk about irony.

Another reason, aside from population control, is the advancements. Everything that is around humans today owes its origin or advancement to war. From the wheel that was first recorded as a potter’s wheel in 4500 BCE, evolved when humanity entered the Bronze Age to become wheels for a chariot. During this time the chariot became one of the greatest war machines of the time. One person would steer the horses and another would fire arrows at the enemy.

Boats, as the need for humanity to expand and explore, they were invented. Eventually they too were advanced, as the need was realized in order to survive they needed to be larger, stronger and faster. Boats became tools to transport soldiers to pillage and conquer foreign lands. In 1862, during the American civil war, they became armored plated, as cannon balls simply bounced off of them, ushering in the new age of metal ships. Defense wins again.

Trains became supply lines in every war since the American civil war. Wheels were rubberized to assist vehicles to transport, smoothly, wounded soldiers from the front lines.

Since I am talking about surviving, incredible medical advancements were discovered during times of war. Penicillin is a great example of this, while being discovered in 1928, its true value was not unveiled until WWII.

In 1903, the wright brothers flew their first plane, but the first practical use was during WWI. Although in 1914 the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line was the first passenger airline service, it only lasted four months. In WWI, they became fighter planes, the pilot would even hand drop bombs to targets below, introducing the idea of bomber planes.

RADAR and SONAR were created during times of war, they would eventually involve to help weather recognition and fish finding. In October 28, 1943, Philadelphia, they created a way to make a ship disappear and even transport 40 years into the future. But we’ll leave that in wartime mythology and conspiracies.

I can keep going and I hope you get the concept, that the need to survive has pushed humanity to make advancements, in all areas of life. Humanity owes its everyday enjoyment and survival, from “medical advancements to inteli-crops, military funding.”

I mentioned in a previous chapter how currency was the undoing for a lot of civilizations. How nations fell as their currency became worthless. But on the flip side nothing drives an economy to succeed, better, than a good old fashion war. Companies will spring up factories, creating jobs, all to build wartime machinery. The Volkswagen Beetle, that we appreciate, was created as a need of an economical vehicle during the time of war.

The concept of war has embedded itself into our entertainment. Whether you are watching the Stanley Cup finals, or FIFA World cup, and that is just our sports. We disguise it as friendly competition to build camaraderie and unite civilizations, to win at all cost or we will destroy everything around us as we celebrate uncontrollably in the streets, trying to be funny.

War has become an intricate aspect of the popular video games today. Gears of War, Call of Duty, Halo and Assassin’s Creed are among some of the top titles. Teaching young minds that war can be a game. Humanity is driven to kill each other in order to prosper; the need to entertain, advance and survive supersedes the Golden Rule. If humanity is advancing and surviving, then it is a good thing, right? AMH’s have sought out ways to make war bigger and badder throughout history, it has kept civilizations focused.

Let’s take the possibility that Erich von Daniken and part of the Ancient Astronaut theory is correct. And, let’s say the ancient civilizations that have fallen into mythology were also correct. That Aliens will one day return to this planet to see the progress that they initially guided us towards. We’ll be ready to blow them away with gratitude. But, we will also leave that to the conspiracists.

Where were we, keeping focused? Humans now rally to causes that just twenty years ago would never have been conceived as a cause for aggression. Finding ways to spark anger and aggression has gotten easier. There is a new method that has gained formability. There was a time when uniting humans for a cause, you needed to ride a horse at midnight with two lanterns lit in a tower window. Now, it is just a matter of generating an anonymous profile and with a few strokes of a keyboard, instant chaos.

After the great war of WWII, humanity has resisted using the term war when countries bare arm against each other. They were labeled as conflicts. Now, aggressive, highly coveting humans have learned that they cannot be a part of a country, that will give other countries an actual target. And thus despite, the entire world going to arms against them, it cannot be called a war, per se. Or it could be that, since war has such a negative connotation it shall be forever be “he who must not be named.”

Since there is nothing new under the sun, and since this world cannot support another baby boom, and the simple fact that all major advancements happening are aimed for space, perhaps that is the answer. But, I will cover that in a later chapter.

Until then we will turn our attention more aspects of human nature.

Tony’s first book The Quixotic Faction was released in January 2016. Since then he has been working on sharing his insights through Anthropology. He considers it the best way to share what he has seen. Tony considers himself a simple man who enjoys time out on his small boat doing what should be the only form of trolling.



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