Rioting is all the Rage – Guest Post by Tony Kohler


Chapter 3



Rioting is all the rage.

(Everybody is doing it.)


I know that I mentioned riots in the first chapter when I mentioned the Akkadian Empire, and I gave you an example of rioting in the last chapter; so, it is only fitting that this chapter goes further in-depth regarding the phenomenon of riots and protests.

Starting it off, what is the definition of a riot? In the 14th century, it was defined as to behave in a dissolute manner. Synonyms for dissolute: debauched, decadent, self-indulgent, lustful… You have the understanding. According to the modern-day Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is defined in a number of ways. The two most common are, 1) A situation in which a large group of people behaves in a violent and uncontrolled way, and 2) something or someone that is very funny. If we were to absorb these definitions, a riot would be a large group of self-indulgent, violently uncontrolled people that are trying to be funny. No wonder humanity has been doing this for thousands of years.

The concepts of protests are to get your opinion out there, find supporters, build momentum, and make a change, right? Currently, there is a debate whether protests and riots work to make a change or do they just incite chaos and violence. I will let you know where the voting stands on this later, I will tell you, however, that it is a close race.

For now, let’s talk historically, I mentioned in the first chapter about the rioting that weakened the infrastructure of the world’s first empire. Although it is not written in stone as to why the citizens rioted, just that they did. I hope the citizens that disliked their leaderships so much that they were happier once the empire crumbled and they were under new leadership. But seeing that that part of the world has rarely seen peace, I wager the grass was not really greener.

During the fall of the Roman Empire in the eastern capital of Constantinople, Turkei, there was a riot in 532 AD that would set the bar for all others to strive to reach. This one was relatively based around dissension within the citizens. The emperor Justinian had the people taxed to the brink and the only outlet for the public was the chariot races in the amphitheater.

Now take a moment and understand these events. These events were the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl, the World Series, FIFA Championships all rolled into one. At the end of these events, there were celebrations, many of them went bad and some people were arrested and even hung, this includes some of the athletes that took part in the celebratory events. One of these celebratory events occurred one evening where two athletes took refuge in a nearby church and attracted a large mob.

The emperor, who was having his own issues keeping the Persians out, made the critical decision to cancel the upcoming race, taking the only outlet from the public. And thus, began the full-scale riot, leaving over 30 thousand dead and half the city laid in ruins.

Although not to this level, remember history repeats itself, the Montreal riot in 1992. Rock and roll fans just watched the front man, James Hetfield, get caught up in a pyrotechnical mishap, ending Metallica’s performance that night. Following them, Guns and Roses to save the day. After a couple of songs, they too left the stage, lead singer Axel Rose claiming sore throat. 2000 amped up fans, turned riot in the Montreal Olympic stadium causing over 400 thousand dollars’ worth of damage.

AMH’s have been taking their public outlet events seriously for millenniums. Strip it away or if events do not unfold favorably, society can almost count on a riot to ensue. Do not forget the riots in Vancouver, Canada when the Canuck’s lost the seventh and deciding game of the Stanley Cup in 1994. No lessoned learned here as they re-rioted for the same reason in 2011.

Obviously, these examples are examples that had a zero-positive outcome. It is simply human nature to get pissed when they don’t get what they want and feel the need to take it out on something or someone. In 1994, Andres Escobar, one of the best football players in the world, was shot ten days after a Columbian match against the American team. While trying to defend a goal, he ended up redirecting the ball into the goal, leading to Columbia’s loss.

Getting away from sports and let’s talk politics and protests, as they too have seemed to go hand to hand. Before I do, let me explain the essence to why protests have a tendency to lead to riots. Something benign like a peaceful protest has habitually transformed into a malignant mob.

Humans have the innate need to blame someone else for their blight, instead of keeping their heads up and focusing on ways to make a bad situation better, it is easier to cast blame. I touched on that in the previous chapter. Now when a group of agitated individuals gets together, a state of mind begins to develop and you have what is referred to as mob mentality. That is when AMH’s are in a crowded excited environment, logic turns left at Albuquerque leaving the crowd in a mental state where everything sounds like a good idea. Results are mass confusion, mindless damage, and ultimately leading to humans dying.

July 13, 1863, New York. Thousands of newly arrived immigrants were being drafted in the Union Army to fight in the American Civil War. Keep in mind, these immigrants were coming to America to chase their American Dream. I am sure their dream was not to go and fight for something that is not their cause. As a result, the riot left up to 2000 people dead and another 8000 injured. They also managed to destroy 185 million dollars in damages to their new home.

Wrap your brain around that. You spend all your money for you and your family to have passage to America and seek a new beginning. Then once you get here, you destroy your new home. Logic zero, mob mentality one.

A friend of mine grew up in eastern Tennessee in 1962. They witnessed the peaceful march of Martin Luther King Jr. They also witnessed and feared for their lives, because in the tail end of the peaceful march, the protesters became a locus plague as they moved north towards Washington DC, destroying everything in their wake. Like most peaceful protests, someone will inevitably get the idea to destroy something small, someone will witness it and will feel the urge to one-up it, then the next will undoubtedly have the urge to one-up that. Chaos will ensue, lives will be lost, and massive amounts of damage is inevitable.

The need to send a message at all cost. I understand the human need to pull together, it provides strength in numbers, it is scary to stand alone, and nothing unites a village better than a lynch mob. Civil unrest is a major factor for these types of riots. Even in Countries where it is not within the citizen’s right to speak out has fallen victim to riot protesting. Hong Kong, 1967 pro-communist clashed with the British-ruled citizens leading to bombings, 51 people dead and countless millions of dollars of damage.

Every one of these riots had one side effect that undermines the ideas that initiated the protest, and that is looting. What I do not understand, is how looting helps humans get their message across? The world has had political reasons, social reasons, and independence reasons they can self-justify as a cause to protest. Take a moment to ponder this and someone please explain why the corner store owner had his or her store destroyed and looted. And yet, that is what exactly what happens. This day and age protesters are type-cast and coveting opportunists. They travel to cities that are at unrest and loot. Remember what I mentioned earlier, that as one person sees something, they have the internal pull to take it to the next level.

Opportunists do not need a cause to infiltrate and take advantage of a situation. October 13, 2013, Walmart stores in Mansfield and Springhill, Louisiana experienced their Electronic Benefit Transfer card system shut down. The company decided to trust the good in human nature and proceed in checking customers out and hard printing the cards, not knowing what the customer had available on the card. Then it happened, one person, and you know who you are, don’t be looking around, decided to call your friends that also had government assistance cards. The stores immediately began to fill up, shelves were emptied, carts were overflowing and people tried to check out as fast as possible.

Two hours later the system came back on. A woman was detained as she was trying to purchase over 700 dollars worth of food and only had 49 cents available. Announcements were made that the system was back up and working, creating a mass exodus from the stores leaving hundreds of carts filled with products abandoned in the aisles.

The previous Milwaukee riot that I mentioned in the last chapter was sparked by the fatal shooting of a 23-year-old man by a police officer. The riot has been downgraded to an uprising despite the damage caused. Partly due to the fact that the atmosphere was that of a party, reported the same new reporter that did the interview. Behind her, the television viewers could witness people dancing in the streets as if it was Mardi Gras. Yet not another positive moment for humanity.

Humanity can start with good intentions. Let’s head to Europe as the Muslim refugees migrate into France, Germany, Greece, Turkei, heck everywhere to get away from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the ISIL movement. Remember the location of the first recorded riots in humanity? Yep, here we are, back again.

Europe opened its doors to support humanity; however, they were met with overwhelming numbers and violence causing them to rethink their decision, which has led to rioting on both sides. Countries are posting statistics like England and Wales reporting that 56% of the recent immigrants have committed severe crimes. The UK continues to report that ‘Migrants’ are more interested in benefits than jobs. Denmark reports that 78% of criminals are of non-western origin and 84% of foreigners are unemployed. Germany reports that migrants are linked to 69 thousand crimes in the first three months of 2016. These statistics have caused riots throughout Europe and with the immigrant’s inability to go home, there is no immediate cure.

I mentioned in the previous chapter the AMH’s will covet, and in this situation want to have a comfortable, safe life at any and all costs. It has weakened the social and financial stability of the European Union. With these riots continuing in Europe and riots continuing in the Un-united States of America, it is getting downright unsafe to travel these days. This year Venezuela experienced food riots leading to 50 people killed. Australia has also seen it riots to prevent refugees from immigrating to their country. The whole world, every continent, is rioting for some reason or another.

I realize that I rambled on a bit with some of the endless examples of protests and riots, but I needed to exhaust you of the idea before I went further. I mention at the beginning of this chapter that there was currently a debate deciding whether rioting is beneficial or not. Currently leading the debate is positive, positive that rioting helps. The poll is currently sitting at 54% pro-riots. Purple brain dust?

If the majority of the population believes that rioting leads to positive results, why is everyone so angry? And since humanity would make it seem that rioting is the best way if not the only way to make a change you would think they would make it more fun, everyone likes to have fun. They should use the Milwaukee uprising as an example to follow; although, I would pick a different representative to speak for their cause.

There is a song that actually motivates people to do just that, “Let’s start a riot.” Basically, the song states that if you feel down and stepped on, let’s start a riot. Humanity is developing more and more a sense that whatever happens even if it is sour, it was not their fault. A major player in influencing the public is the media, whether it is social or the public news. Either way, the message is the same, the fault is not your own and someone else is to blame. If you can’t hire an attorney to represent your cause, then rioting is the answer.

Taking ownership is one of the most difficult things humanity can do when things go south. The easy way is to complain and look for allies to support your complaint; ergo, riot. Is it not one the ways that humanity measures their success is that life is easier? Easier to get information, easier to get from one place to the next, all around easier living. So, since rioting is easier than looking for and developing solutions, that means humanity is succeeding by rioting.  

Take a moment here to wrap that around your brain.

I have shown that rioting can weaken the infrastructure of a civilization and has only caused massive damage and death. And yet for the past few thousands of years, history continues to repeat itself and AMH’s will gather in groups to protest for a cause that they believe to be true. Ironic as it may seem that when a group of AMH’s get what they want they will grow and develop what they believe to be correct only for their subordinates to eventually rise up and protest against them. This is the cycle of humanity. It is, unfortunately, unavoidable and inevitable.

As we begin to populate and colonize Mars, it will be human nature that as they begin to grow and develop the capability to support themselves, in approximately 300 years they too will protest Earth and ultimately become independent Martians. Remember, you read it here first.

Let’s not look to the future, for now, I will save that for a later chapter. However, in the present and since it is human nature for the whole world to gather self-indulgent, violently uncontrolled people, that are trying to be funny. I say let the parties continue and show that AMH’s are succeeding. Let’s schedule flash mobs around the world so everyone can be Dancing in the Street to Y.M.C.A.

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