Josh James

Social Media Specialist


Josh James is a strange, deranged individual who has done many things in his short life.


He was/is a musician, an employee at seasonal haunted attractions, an actor, a grip (as well as many other things on set even if he didn’t have the knowledge to do so), a landscaper, a retail clerk, clubhouse employee, a farm hand technically), an artist, a writer, and many other things that he tends to forget from time to time.

The man is a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. Does his lack of mastery bother him? No, not really. He has accepted the fact that he is a mess but tries to improve himself while enjoying the creative madness that is fundamental to his being.

He has accepted the fact that he is a mess but tries to improve himself while enjoying the creative madness that is fundamental to his being.

This man has serious problems.

Josh was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. After spending his life there, he has gained a love/hate relationship with it and will tell you what he thinks about it very clearly. Growing up as a very sick child, he eventually stopped caring and expected his life would be short. Much to his shock, he lived and became the hermit that he is, after some time of living too fast for too long. His accomplishments are only mirrored by his failures. He has done some amazing things and some terrible things but through all those things he has grown into the creative genius that he is today.  He considers those experiences to be somewhere between walking ethereal planes and a root canal without anesthetic. He calls himself a nerdy hermit and is proud of that fact.

With a demented smile and dead eyes, he stares at the paper and computer screens to create worlds for us to enjoy.

With a delightful mixture of being imbalanced and being somewhat creative, he may just surprise us one day and do something else amazing. Even then, you may not know it is him because he has worn many masks and may wear more. Is it to confuse you? Maybe. Is it because he doesn’t want people to know the real him? When asked, Josh looked up from a blank piece of paper and stared with dead eyes as he laughed like a lunatic.

Needless to say, whatever it is he’s doing, he’s living in interesting times and has become a reflection of that.

To sum up our writer here, he’s off in many ways. He’s been in your televisions, computer screens, phones, newspapers and maybe even your movie screens, but he’s just some creatively imbalanced hermit. That being said if you ever happen to pick up a story and feel there’s something really wrong with the author and wonder what you just got into, it may be him infecting others with his madness and disturbing those who think they’re sane.

It would be hard to say, but it looks like he’s in your past, your present and your future.

We should all be worried…

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