Murder in the Count’s Castle

an excerpt

If there is a perfect specimen to be found in Ghent,  it’s me.

“M’lord.” The aide begs for the Baron’s attention.

The Baron turns to face me. He is even more impressive up close. His skin is perfect and clean, his garments are the finest made and his face is that of a man of authority. His eyes burn through me and I wait while he sizes up his new prey. When I see a devious smile on his lips I know my preparation has been successful.

“Price?” he asks, as if haggling for food on the market instead of acquiring the services of another human being. I ignore my feelings and ask for a hefty sum.  His aide gasps in horror at the affront. The Baron’s face however,  shows no sign of emotion in response to my outrageous demand.

I’m well aware of his specific tastes and it’s going to cost him.

His interest increases at my refusal to compromise. When we finally agree on a fee,  he smiles.  

I should’ve asked for more.

He waves for me to follow him, but at a safe distance. People, especially those in power, don’t want others to know what kind of services they have just hired.  


Wim Verveen started his career in biology before he became an IT professional, Consultant and Director at Ormer ICT. He has written many articles for magazines on IT related subjects. Wim likes to write stories focusing on social interaction while trying to find new and surprising angles to current themes. Wim lives in the Netherlands. You can find more of Wim’s work on Amazon

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