Creative Development



The door is open. 

Submissions must be in English.

Every submission will go through the editing process.

If your submission is not ready for editing, we will send you an invitation to Creative Development. The coaches will work with you to develop your story so it can be put in front of the editors.

We do not publish erotica.  We ask our authors to keep it classy and general audience friendly.

The Anthologies are themed, so your submission will need to fit the theme to be considered for publication. If your story does not fit with the theme currently in production then it may be requested for a future edition where it will be a perfect fit.

We do reserve the right to reject submissions at the editors discretion, but if you make an effort and are Askew then we will meet you in the middle and do our best to help you.

That’s right, we said help.

We are committed to the support and encouragement of authors and artists. is open to submissions in standard manuscript format.

At Rhetoric Askew we are dedicated to the creation of a collective perspective.

Happy writing,

– Team Askew






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