Dusty Grein

Dusty Grein is a contributing editor here at Rhetoric Askew, an author, a poet and a graphics designer. Originally from Federal Way, Washington, he currently lives in the Pacific Northwest where his 15 year old daughter and a dog named Naked are working together to keep him in line.

His critically acclaimed novel, The Sleeping Giant, is available in print and as a Kindle Select title. His shorter works and poetry have been published in several collections, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, OWS Inked and The Quarterday Review.

An award winning poet, he is a contributing member of The Society of Classical Poets and his how-to essays on crafting classical poetry have appeared both online and two of their annual collections. A self-proclaimed neo-classicist, his poetic focus is on keeping metered poetry fresh and alive – both the classic forms of yesterday and the newest ones of today.

When he is not busy writing, he donates a great deal of his time and graphics talent. In honor of his first-born grandson Eddy, lost to SIDS at 13 weeks old, he creates free memorial images for bereaved families with a special focus on infant and pregnancy loss.

His blog, From Grandpa’s Heart… is followed by fans around the world.

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