Decadence calls frighteningly, to its hold I bow willingly

I can feel it overtaking, as I submit fearlessly

Relishing in my treachery, there will be no recovery

Sinking in my debauchery, my soul broken completely

Though I try, I cannot escape, my fate here sealed obliquely

Slowly fading sanity


I cannot forget what has happened to me
I cannot forget why I am here
Emptiness takes hold
Draining me
Forcing me
I will fight
I will survive


Your voice torments me day and night, lost within my desperate plight

Fighting simply to stay alive, no redemption for my soul

Forgiveness is not an option, victim of my sick corruption

Vengeance, justice in proportion.


-Mandy Melanson


Mandy is the founder of Rhetoric Askew. She spends her days taking care of her 3 children and as a Creative Development Coach, she ignites a creative fire in authors and artists alike.





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