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Rhetoric Askew is dedicated to the creation of a collective perspective.

As a platform designed to ignite a creative fire in those who visit its Askew realm, RA is made up of a diverse group of authors and artists. To be part of RA is more than to be part of a group of creative individuals.

Being Askew is a lifestyle for the authors and artists who seek to connect with and inspire others through the worlds we create on the page at Rhetoric Askew.

Our doors are always open.

Feel free to look around, and make yourself at home.  At RA, we are all a little Askew.

If you are Askew we would love to hear from you. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out our submissions page.

Happy writing,

Team Askew



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  1. Where Monsters Creep

    Bobby kept telling himself everything would be alright. Mommy and Daddy had always said so. There are no monsters and there’s nothing to be afraid of. He had even made sure by checking the closet before going to bed. There were no monsters there and Bobby was pretty sure he was safe. Pretty sure, but he still had his doubts. That’s why he was peeking his head out from the blanket he had buried himself in. The night light in the wall had dimly lit the room and Bobby couldn’t see any monsters in the room either. There was still this lingering fear that he couldn’t get rid of though.
    He didn’t know why, but something was wrong. As his eyes shot back and forth around the room, he desperately tried to think of what he could be forgetting, but couldn’t tell what it was. Bobby didn’t see anything, or hear anything either. The closet had been checked and the room was empty. Still, there was something left undone. Something unchecked. Then it came to him. He didn’t look under the bed…
    Bobby took a deep breath and remembered everything he had been told. There was no such thing as monsters. No such thing. Bobby leaned over the edge of his bed and paused just before looking beneath it. Coming this far, there was no turning back now. He gathered his remaining courage and looked underneath the bed. Staring into the dark recesses, he looked hard to make sure nothing was there that could eat him… It was clear.
    Feeling relieved, Bobby leaned back up, still looking towards the floor. There were no monsters, or demons, or anything at all. He sighed and looked back up, but something was wrong. The room seemed darker than before. The shadows looked as if they would swallow him whole. Then they moved… Something began to walk out of the shadows and walked up to the bed. It took shape… Becoming a woman… A scary one at that. Her eyes were blood red and she had the most unnerving smile he had ever seen. She seemed to float to the edge of the bed and placed her hands on the railing of the bed. She leaned in and Bobby leaned back as far as he could as she whispered to him.
    “We don’t do that anymore.” Bobby’s eyes went wide and he began to scream, but never made another sound.

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