About Askew


Rhetoric Askew is dedicated to the support and success of authors and artists.


Why is Rhetoric Askew different from other publishers?

Rhetoric Askew is committed to providing authors with options. We are a full-service publisher for those who do not want to take the journey alone. We also provide author services for those who prefer to self-publish but need help polishing their story and/or building their author brand before publication.

The Editors of Rhetoric Askew are active members of the writing community and one of the complaints we hear most often from fellow authors is not receiving feedback on their submissions.

At Rhetoric Askew we appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a piece you believe is ready for submission. Because of our appreciation and respect for the craft, we give feedback.

You will not receive a rejection from us (Disclaimer: We will send rejections in those rare cases where the submission glorifies abuse, violence, or otherwise infringes on the rights of another living being).

Entries AND Queries will be evaluated on a multi-point system to determine if they are ready for print, or not. Those which are NOT will receive an invitation to the Creative Development process where one of our editors will walk through the process with the individual to polish their submission until it is the best it can possibly be.


What genres do you accept?

We are looking for everything! We want to see what you can create. We do NOT accept Gore or Erotica. We appreciate those who create such stories but these are simply NOT a good fit for Team Askew or our readers.


How often are the anthologies published?

We are printing Anthology Askew on a quarterly basis.


Do you accept manuscripts?

We are thrilled to announce effective IMMEDIATELY,  we ARE open to queries for full manuscripts.


What can you offer those who wish to publish with you?

We pride ourselves on offering personal feedback to our authors. Once you make the decision to publish with RA, you will never be alone in the process. Our editors are available to answer questions and work with you on your manuscript.

The design team stays in contact with you throughout the process to ensure that the cover design and marketing campaign ads meet your vision for your project while keeping them in-line with what your readers will look for.

We have a marketing team who will work with you to organize and design your marketing campaign.

We believe that the publishing process should be collaborative, and that is the foundation of RhetAskew Publishing-a division of Rhetoric Askew, LLC.


How can we submit our work to you?

Check out our Anthology Submissions page. Most details are covered there, but you can always Contact Us if you have additional questions.

For novel submissions please follow the Query Us tab at the top of the website and follow the instructions there.


What makes a successful query?

THE HOOK! Plain and simple, hook us on your idea, hook us on your characters, hook us on your writing.

Every query should have three parts, no more and no less. Resist the urge to show us everything in your plot. Please, do NOT, I repeat… Do NOT send us the FULL manuscript in the query.

  1. Paragraph one should tell us why you chose to query RA and please be specific. Include your story’s genre, word count, and a one-line hook (think of this as your character’s life or death moment). Make us love it.
  2. A mini-synopsis. Brevity is your friend here.
  3. Author bio.

When you copy/paste your first three chapters into the online form, do NOT stress too much about formatting. Browsers are simply not designed for formatting so don’t try to force something that isn’t going to happen. DO PROOF-READ CAREFULLY. Make sure you are giving us the best content possible so we can make the best decision for your story’s future with RA.

What does it mean to be Askew?

Rhetoric Askew exists to surprise and inspire those who enjoy our stories. Being Askew is a lifestyle of writing to our own beat. Authors and artists at Rhetoric Askew don’t usually fit in with mainstream fiction, and honestly, we are proud of that fact. We pursue innovative ways to push genre conventions so our readers want to turn the page to see what happens next.  To be Askew is to create worlds, inspire readers, and support our authors and artists. Are you Askew?

Our doors are always open, so come join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to check out our Submissions and/or Query Us pages.

Happy writing,

Team Askew




1 Comment

  1. Where Monsters Creep

    Bobby kept telling himself everything would be alright. Mommy and Daddy had always said so. There are no monsters and there’s nothing to be afraid of. He had even made sure by checking the closet before going to bed. There were no monsters there and Bobby was pretty sure he was safe. Pretty sure, but he still had his doubts. That’s why he was peeking his head out from the blanket he had buried himself in. The night light in the wall had dimly lit the room and Bobby couldn’t see any monsters in the room either. There was still this lingering fear that he couldn’t get rid of though.
    He didn’t know why, but something was wrong. As his eyes shot back and forth around the room, he desperately tried to think of what he could be forgetting, but couldn’t tell what it was. Bobby didn’t see anything, or hear anything either. The closet had been checked and the room was empty. Still, there was something left undone. Something unchecked. Then it came to him. He didn’t look under the bed…
    Bobby took a deep breath and remembered everything he had been told. There was no such thing as monsters. No such thing. Bobby leaned over the edge of his bed and paused just before looking beneath it. Coming this far, there was no turning back now. He gathered his remaining courage and looked underneath the bed. Staring into the dark recesses, he looked hard to make sure nothing was there that could eat him… It was clear.
    Feeling relieved, Bobby leaned back up, still looking towards the floor. There were no monsters, or demons, or anything at all. He sighed and looked back up, but something was wrong. The room seemed darker than before. The shadows looked as if they would swallow him whole. Then they moved… Something began to walk out of the shadows and walked up to the bed. It took shape… Becoming a woman… A scary one at that. Her eyes were blood red and she had the most unnerving smile he had ever seen. She seemed to float to the edge of the bed and placed her hands on the railing of the bed. She leaned in and Bobby leaned back as far as he could as she whispered to him.
    “We don’t do that anymore.” Bobby’s eyes went wide and he began to scream, but never made another sound.

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